Recruitment can be a cruel game, one moment you are riding high with multiple interviews and offers, the next you are dashed on the rocks with cancelled roles and dropouts. It’s truly a career that has massive highs and lows. What I have found is that working in a profession where we are working with people who can change their mind at a moment’s notice we need to leave no stone unturned to cover the unexpected.

A big reason why recruiters sometimes struggle to fill roles is that they don’t have enough candidates in play. You may have spent significant time sourcing a role and managed to unearth an absolute superstar who looks perfect for the role but what happens if that person for any reason drops out? Often this means we are back to square one in the search, have a frustrated client and a demotivated Recruiter.

Clients rightly have an expectation to see a variety of candidates for their role and it certainly helps to keep the process moving forward if multiple candidates are submitted. It goes without saying that as Recruiters it is our job to source relevant talent and present a suitable refined shortlist (often between 3-5 profiles) so any Plan B shouldn’t be just sending any random candidates.

Having a Plan B isn’t about bombarding clients with unnecessary and irrelevant CVs for the sake of it but it’s about giving your client options and not putting all your eggs in one basket.