A question that has puzzled great minds for many decades now. Those of us lucky enough to grow up in this “golden age” of technical advancements may look back with some nostalgia on these classics.

I’m sure this will ignite fierce debate across many teams.  

Game: Championship Manager

Format: Amiga/P.C./iPad

A game that somehow lets life imitate art and has mystical ability to bend time. How many of us have started on a session of “champ man” at 7:00 pm only to then look at the clock and see it's half three in the A.M! First released in 1992 the game morphed in to “Football manager” for the ’05 season. Basically, a database with some entry-level graphics this game relied heavily on total immersion into management.

Game: Mario Kart

Format: Super Nintendo/ N64

In 1992 Nintendo set the bar for the best driving game ever. This Mario Bros spin-off mixed both racing and fighting tactics on a wide variety of tracks. The later versions on the N64 allowed up to 4 players battle it out.

Game: Command & Conquer (Red Alert)

Format: P.C.

Another sim-based game but this one required the player to harvest crops to build machinery and attack other bases. Like Champion Manager It was a mainly a solitary game but in the early days of the internet you could battle against other players using a sketchy internet connection (if someone wasn’t on the phone at the time)

Game: Tekken 2

Format: Play Station 2

I’m almost unbeatable at this game. I’ve lost count on how many nights were spent during university dismantling lesser-players. Being able to master the sequence of buttons required to deliver a devastating attack is a skill never forgotten.

Game: Goldeneye

Format: N64/Xbox    

One of the best 1st-person shooter video game. Released back in 1997 this classic has gone on to sell over eight million copies (the third best-selling Nintendo game ever behind Super Mario 64 & Mario Kart). Highly enjoyable single-player and multi-player modes.

Other notable mentions: FIFA, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Legend of Zelda.

Let the games begin.