I love receiving creative resumes.  

A highly creative and digitally-inclined candidate universe means I see a lot that goes far beyond the typical Word document. You’ve also got an abundance of companies pushing new innovative résumé solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd.

But here’s why you might not be doing yourself a favour...

Most software that large companies and executive search businesses use, isn’t built to handle anything outside of a predominantly text-based document. It’ll save your CV somewhere, but unfortunately, it won’t be able to do much else with it. 

I know, it’s 2017 and you’d hope that we’d moved on a little, but unless it’s a text-based PDF or a Word document, there’s every chance your résumé might find itself lost in the darkest depths of the database dungeons!

If it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it…

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be expressive. After all, nobody likes a Stifling Steve. A creative take on a résumé will make you stand out from the crowd. but while recruitment software plays catch-up, don’t completely ditch the traditional.

Why not think about sending two resumes?

Your creative interpretation of a résumé will put your head and shoulders above the crowd for the all the right reasons and your more traditional take on a CV will ensure your resume doesn't find itself unceremoniously cast away to the database dungeons.