Sitting here this morning eating my breakfast at my desk. I found I was smiling to myself with childish pride.  

You see, I just completed my morning routine and it was perfect. So perfect I am left wondering whether this is some small sign or omen of things to come for my day.  

Will the rest of my day roll out to be as perfect as the last two hours?  Only time will tell, however, at the least my morning was text book and for that, I am better off.

My morning routine starts the night before by attempting to gain the maximum amount of sleep possible. My phone is on airplane mode and with the alarm set to a gradual incline in volume with the sound of the forest birds (yes I just admitted to that).  

But this is only relevant if our one-year-old baby doesn’t wake me prior. Today he didn’t wake early and I woke naturally. Great start! I took my phone off airplane mode at exactly the right time to check emails, updates and the news. I had the bathroom to myself (this is huge as we are a family of six), all the kids were dressed without complaint and I left at a time in the morning that allowed me not to rush and on a beautiful Auckland Winters day. I finished off a Joe Rogan podcast in the car feeling enlightened to new learnings, traffic was fine. I’m in and at my desk with plenty of time to make breakfast, a mix of handmade cereal, orange and coconut yogurt plus a fresh black coffee.  

Bliss. No rush, no stress and only good things to come. 

The routine outlined above may hold no significance to anyone else, in fact, it may seem super boring. Except for one or maybe two of my points… who knows? 

But we can probably agree on one thing, the perfect morning routine is bliss and every single person who I interact with today, little to their knowledge, is getting the best version of me possible.

Have a great Thursday.