It’s the little things.

This is a small reminder that the little things may be big things to other people. 

I met a candidate this week who drops a Kit Kat into her prospect clients along with a hand written note saying “Hello, I will call next week” or to that effect. Her call to visits being arranged ratio is nearly four times higher than the next BDM who only utilises digital media and phones.  She also brings morning tea to the “frosty” clients which is something no other supplier does. This person sells into the education sector, to teachers. Teachers love tea and muffins so I'm told… her competitors are not doing this.

I visited a client at her new place of work this week who only has instant coffee. She apologised in advance for this as we both love our coffee.  So I went to the local supermarket and purchased some Jeds, plunger coffee in a bag which by the way is VERY good and surprised her. One each for us and the rest for bargaining chits with her peers I imagine. A quick visit turned out to be a very informative and beneficial meeting.

They say trends come back into fashion every 30 years.  I remember my dad calling on his customers in the 80’s and bringing the morning tea or dropping off a calendar or back then, a bottle or two.  And this small gesture closed more business than he hoped for.

The mini message here is… don’t discount the old school ways of the yester-year sales masters. 

Because the little things may be big things to other people.