A gift can be a surprise or something you have been wishing for. It can be for a planned occasion or simply out of the blue, no matter how the gift gets to you it generally makes us feel good.

That’s why I want you to think of customer feedback the same way, a gift!  In the recruitment industry, we have two customer groups our candidates and our clients and we welcome feedback, in fact, we deliberately seek it out.

Some of that feedback gives me goosebumps and makes me feel proud of the service the team has delivered and like any business, there is feedback that gives you that initial downer until you realise that feedback is a gift.  I have always believed in any partnership business or otherwise you won’t get it right 100% of the time – we are human after all. However, what we should judge ourselves on is our ability to respond to that feedback and do something constructive with it.

Let’s face it, it is no different to when you go out to dinner and have a bad experience perhaps the service staff was rude or the meals didn’t arrive at the same time, as I said that will happen its life. However, when I go to pay and they ask how my meal or night was and I give an honest account then my expectation is they acknowledge that and as a result, an action is taken.

Feedback tells us what we are doing well, what we could be doing better and potentially what we need to stop doing. It is constructive feedback that drives us to improve and rethink the way we do things.  Maybe the process is the issue or maybe I have someone in the business who simply doesn’t live our values, or a human error was made.  

The fact is the feedback is the gift. It says the customer still cares, if they didn’t they would just walk away and not come back. Then we spend thousands of marketing dollars to attract the very customers that we once had.

Embrace the gift of feedback and do something with it, to ensure it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.