"Team work makes the dream work"…. "there is no I in team"….. "one team – one dream".

These are all things that we hear every day. Whilst it’s fair to say that the cliché’s get chucked around liberally it’s important to remember that in business, more than often the successful companies are the ones who have the strongest team spirit.

We believe that having the right team culture has contributed massively to our success. Below are the key pillars we implemented to ensure we created an environment for people to be successful and enjoy being here.

Have a creative inspiring environment

Encourage people to work collaboratively with each other to provide clients with creative solutions and allow them to come up with new ideas. Customers are seeking new solutions so let your team deliver that.

Buddy up

All our consultants work closely with each other both locally and internationally. Salt consultants don’t just think about their own individual desks but are thinking about how we can really partner with clients on a global scale. For Salt working as a team doesn’t stop in the office but extends from London to Hong Kong to Auckland to New York to Dubai. The world is a small place these days! It’s vital to create an environment where everyone feels they can reach out to colleagues globally for input and sharing.


Hiring the right people, with the right attitude in the right roles is vital to building a successful team. Embrace different cultures and personalities in your team as this will result in a diverse workforce that can come up with new creative ways of working-no one person has a monopoly on good ideas!

Celebrate success

At Salt, we love seeing our colleagues win. Of course, the is plenty of healthy competition and everyone wants to qualify for our great incentives but as a Director of our business, it’s awesome to see the whole team cheering on individual success. We believe that success breeds further success and one team’s success will open doors for our other teams.