Australia is a fantastic place to live; great beaches, exotic wildlife, blue skies and amazing places to visit.

On top of all this, I feel it’s important to highlight Australia as an absolute pioneer in technical modernisation. Below are just a few examples of the innovation this great nation has been responsible for.

Bionic ear

Invented by Prof. Graeme Clark the bionic ear, or Cochlear implants, are implemented into the patient to stimulate the auditory nerve. These implants have now assisted thousands of hearing impaired people.

The black box

Dr David Warren back in the 1950’s invented a device that recorded both voice and cockpit readings. The black box is now a crucial element of aviation technology used worldwide.

The Pacemaker

Edgar Booth and Mark Lidwill were responsible for developing the first pacemaker as far back as the 1920’s. Since first being used by sending electricity through a needle the Pacemaker is now used to regulate the heartbeat of patients all over the world.

The Speedo

Finally, and this might be too much of a surprise to those who have enjoyed an afternoon on Bondi Beach. In 1927 Speedo, the Australian clothing manufacturer, brought out their iconic racing swimwear.

So, whilst it’s still home to sun, sand and surf your fair dinkum mates down under still find time to come up with the next big thing!