When I went to school we did not only get grades in math, science, languages and art – we also received grades on our social skills, comportment, and studiousness. When I went to business school, we used a system of "social credits" rating extracurricular activities and engagement beyond studying to rank the best students in addition to their academic performance.

When I look around today, I wonder if the same value is still placed on social skills in the corporate world or if it is simply expected as a prerequisite. What does it say about a hiring manager when AI, key words, interviews by Google Hangout take over and there are only a few direct contacts with candidates anymore to get to know them and understand what kind of person they are – after all, time is money.

Is there no more value in values? Interestingly, every company has values – company values – but these values only come to life through the human beings that make up the company. But did you see an advert lately that asked for integrity, fun or transparency?

Is it because personal skills are subjective and we want to cut out bias? Or would you say as long as someone gets the job done and is profitable, that's good enough? How come bullying, shouting at people and being ruthless are common phenomena in the corporate workplace and accepted by so many, while at the same time, companies praise their values, CSR and company culture. Modern day scandals show that honesty, transparency and integrity are often just promotional buzzwords. Again, it comes all back to the people who manage and work for these companies.

Change will only happen if we pay more attention to social skills and values on a personal level than in corporate communication. Wouldn't it be refreshing to be hired into a corporate role for being passionate, kind, dedicated, empathetic or spirited? What we teach our children should be what we live by every day, shouldn’t it?