Our global recruitment business gives us great insights into developments and trends in the digital industry. Here are some key points every job seeker should consider:

1. Stay agile and take life-long learning seriously. Industrial revolution, digital revolution, the world will never stand still and we need to learn to keep up and adapt to the changes.

2. Digital is for everyone, not just for millennials. All industries undergo digital transformation and the digital landscape transcends age. New job opportunities are countless, especially in non-digital industries.

3. There is no one-size-fits-all masterplan for digital. Digital is a tool which gives us amazing ways of engaging, analysing and understanding our customers but it needs to be part of an integrated strategy. This is your chance to stand out. Every company needs people who understand digital but can put it into context and create the right solutions.

4. Keep abreast of what's happening: Look out for courses, blogs, webinars and network to find mentors you can learn from. Ask your company to support you in developing your skills.

5. Build your personal brand online: Digital changes recruitment. Your online footprint matters and a keyword optimised CV helps you to get noticed.