Ok – so my love of candidates could be higher considering how darn important they are to my job and the existence of the recruitment industry.  To be fair, I plucked that number out of thin air, otherwise you may be asking yourself… “What are the other 44 reasons that are better”?

It would be harsh of me to say I have a “love hate” relationship with candidates.  On a whole its more “love”.  You can’t nail 15 years of recruitment and not love them. Can you?

What prompted this piece was a thought that I had mid-week after a candidate experience.  And that thought is “wow, what a privilege it was to meet and speak to that person”.  I remember the first time I had this thought, it was in 2003 within my first quarter in my career.  The candidate was a State Sales Manager and he just blew my mind. I was truly inspired.  Fast forward to last week and it is still happening!

You see, something that is some amazing about recruitment is that you have complete access to people’s careers and often personal lives.  What I love the most is learning how these inspiring people become who they are.  Through share luck or persistence, or hard luck and consistency and their philosophies and even values that shape who they are.  They also give a small insight into some of the best employers in the country or world so it is a double edge.  Give me any other vocation that gives unlimited access to a person and their most intimate thoughts? Ok so you have thought of a couple but mostly those professions the individual would be paying you for the service.  In recruitment they come willingly.

Maybe I should change the title of this piece to “Reason # 1 – Why I love recruitment.  Candidates.