As most of you probably already know, Uber has been battling a sexual harassment and gender discrimination case for the last two days after one of their SREs was brave enough to tell her story. 

In a personal post, she described in detail how her multiple reports of managers’ inappropriate behaviour and sexist comments have been ignored by HR. 

It’s hard to believe that in the age when women and girls are being increasingly encouraged to follow a career in tech, we have giants such as Uber taking us back to the era of Mad Men when women are supposed to sit quiet, do what they’re told and look pretty. 

So all women in tech (and not only) - I want to know what your experience is. 

Do you think that sexism in tech is still a big issue? If so, what can we do tackle it? 

Have a read of the original blog post and please share your thoughts below, would really love to know what you think.