So, there it is. Yet another survey to accompany the thousands out there about how much currency is being thrown at digital transformations. I'd have banked as much for myself if I had a pound for every time I've heard the words digital and transformation in the last year. But that's where it's at right now; everyone is looking towards how to ensure the survival of their business in a digital climate.

If 93% of 350 IT professionals said that there were issues with the digital transformation of their companies, that's a big issue for them. What's more is that if that sample is reflective of industry generally then it is proof that this is genuinely a new frontier. Why? So many organisations having this many issues proves that the answers are not simple and that there is a lack of people who can lead these projects right now.

Which is one of the things that's so interesting for me and our team at Salt. We specialise in identifying, attracting and securing the talent that can lead this progression for companies. I'm really proud that we have specialists who own extensive networks of people who are subject mater experts in all aspects of digital. In London alone we have over 70 consultants who each own separate aspects of digital.

Money can't replace talent, not one bit. Companies are better to invest in securing the leading talent to assure their objective and ambitions around digital transformation. Salt have 8 offices around the world packed full of people who live and breathe digital, that's how we know the best people. That's how we maintain our contact and relationships with the best people, and that's how we continue to develop our brand recognition in our space.