Shaking up the business doesn't mean that there has to be an aggressive approach towards the existing structure in a business. In fact in companies in sectors where technology moves fast you will see that the shape of the organisation chart moves regularly. Just like an organism moves and evolves, so to must companies. This allows them to stay in the game by responding to the business environment.

But how do companies respond to the environment and survive, maybe even grow, and get ahead of the competition? That's the objective right? We all want to find that blend where, all of a sudden, things "click" and something special starts happenning. Results take a tick upwards and productivity at high levels feels easy.

My belief is that this happens when an organisations gets the technology working for the people, and the structure of the organisation matches the purpose of its existence, creating areas of specialism.

People are built the way they are. In my experience different people like to do different things, some people like to play in goal, some like to score goals. It's all football. The job of the manager is to identify the different types of players they have in the team and create a formation that attacks the market to win.

With so much technology at our disposal most companies opt to embrace a system that offers almost all (if not everyone) what they need. is a great example. I have worked at 2 organisations that have implemented and have noticed something similar at both: most people don't use As much of the value the management had expected they would use. Training is absolutely one challenge. But more importantly so is the need for colleagues to relate the value of the system to their day to day purpose. When these two align, that's when another level of productivity is discovered.

When the system feels compelling to use, and the structure of the business reflects a sense of purpose that aligns with the strengths of the people, that's when amazing levels of performance can be found.

Have a great day