What do I notice about all of my jobs? From professional services, to Operations Director, to VP of sales and now MD? Service is almost the only thing that you can stake a claim to as truly unique. It's the real measure of a provider to most clients at the most personal level.

Giving good service is something that has to be considered and consistent. It's something that grabs the attention of your client in the most positive of ways and the chance to make that mark shouldn't be missed. My father used to have a saying in business that he shared with me and my brother, who is also the MD and owner of a recruitment company. Dad talks about what he calls TNTs, it stands for Tiny Neat Things, and it's basically code for remembering things about people that make a really positive impact. Their children's names or their birthday, even just their name!

But what do all these things mean on a digital landscape. The response is diverse and complicated as you can imagine, so let me try and simplify. I think that digital in client service can accentuate the positive AND the negative experience. If you use tech as a provider to know and remember your clients well, and service their needs efficiently, then what happens? They tweet and share Facebook love for you for a digital eternity (that's about 4 minutes by the way) but the echo of their love is out there forever. That's great for things like your google ratings.

However, the same applies in the other direction. If you're bad, or you disappoint, then expect negative digital karma. Not good, and also hard to remove from digital eternity.

At Salt we use some of the worlds best technology to identify, attract and secure talent for our clients. We are not perfect, and I would never claim that we get it right all the time. But we try hard and to my mind that kind of effort is appreciated by the clients who truly buy-in to what we are. It might be a digital age, but after all, all of us are only human....... and what's wrong with that ;-)