When global superpowers, like Deutsche Bank, start creating hubs within their global organisation that are dedicated to digital it makes one thing very clear.  Digital is more than just "here to stay".  Digital is the main topic business needs to address today.  

Concentrating all of the digital talent into one location must create a huge impact and wave of excitement.  Time after time surveys prove that recognition is the primary motivator for employees.  If you were a member of the digital elite at such a powerful brand I am sure you would feel enthusiastic at being based at the heartbeat of the companies digital identity.  I would.  

How many other companies will follow with brave moves like this that prove the world is getting smaller and smaller.  The tools we have at our disposal now mean that colleagues are able to work more closely than ever independent of distance between physical locations.  But, is there a risk that these hubs will start to make top flight talent feel like digital battery hens?  How can a company avoid that vision of the 90's call centre with rows and rows of suits and desks?  I would imagine that the general office layout and design will ensure that there is more animation and energy than was every considered for call centres.  

The digital frontier is clearly ahead of us, and now we can see where the largest companies are building their basecamp.