Its good fun to race two supercars, who cant deny that?  But, to me, the significance here is that the Tesla is the icon for the digital age.  The entire vehicle, for example, can be controlled via a 17-inch touchscreen display that is handily mounted in the center console. Think of it as an over-sized iPad that can adjust everything from the temperature to the music to the stiffness of the suspension. When connected to your calendar on your smart phone, the touchscreen will automatically display a driving map to your next appointment, complete with up-to-the-minute traffic conditions.

Since its debut, the company has sold more than 50,000 Model S cars. Though priced at nearly $ 100,000 each, consumers buy them as fast as Tesla can make them (there is currently a waiting list to get one).  

the Model S is the best electric car on the planet. But to its owners and inventors, the Tesla Model S is remarkable not only because it is electric, but because it is digital.

Virtually everything in the car that can be measured has an active sensor on it that is connected to the car’s digital network. You can tell your Tesla Model S to park itself neatly into your garage, so you don’t have to wedge your body out when finished.

And with its mobile app, you can remotely check the cabin temperature on a hot day and tell the vehicle to power up the AC, so it will be at a desired temperature when you get to the car.

the bulk of the vehicle’s components and functions were designed to be upgraded, not by mechanics wielding wrenches, but by software engineers working in Tesla’s Silicon Valley research and development labs. 6 Like an iPhone, the Tesla S gets better every time the company releases a new software update over the Internet. They can make the car safer, more reliable, and even more pleasurable.

A car that improves with age? That hasn’t happened since mechanical cars were invented more than 100 years ago. But in the new world of digital transportation, this will become commonplace.