I have been lucky enough to have been at the sharp end of digital transformation across the globe for the last 5 years. 

Not only with clients of all sizes but internally with Salt (yes, we too have transformed and evolved globally on many fronts). I have found myself talking with different categories of businesses and individuals about the delicate matter of how to transform as a business? The types of frustrations and worries associated with change, from role titles to "why do the digital guys all wear vans or converse?". 

Everyone wants reassuring that the next step is the best step. We can certainly help and advise but I think it’s safe to say there may be no right or wrong. The answer to not being left behind, or getting lost is to be able to constantly evolve, redesign things rapidly and move forwards. It’s an essential part of success and something that is slowly being adopted across many areas of businesses. However, The adoption process is slow, certainly with global clients. 

Hiring the same people will give you the same results. Change may seem scary but it isn't and doesn't need to be! 

My colleague King Khan shared this article with me, I had to share it on a grander scale. 

The article breaks down digital into 5 simple traits and suggests what traits may suit certain industries. Like in management, I think there is no blanket approach to one size fits all and each person needs to be meticulously vetted to make sure the fit is right (within reason...). Have a read and feel free to share your thoughts. 

We love to learn and evolve with people. The future is coming, are you ready?