DFS? The sofa place? Sale must end on Sunday but offer valid in perpetuity?

No, this DFS is “Deep Feature Synthesis”, the algorithm that will automate machine learning.

Is this the A.I. Apocalypse? Probably not but it is an exciting step forward in the implementation of Automated Machine Learning.

Deep Feature Synthesis is an algorithm capable of automatically creating features between sets of relational data to synthesize automatic learning processes. It is implemented using MySQL and Python databases.

So this offers us the chance to learn more, dig deeper with less effort. This must be a good thing right? In a word, yes. The insights generated through deep feature synthesis will open a host of avenues for us to explore and learn more about our data and ourselves.

The inevitable question of how much we choose to automate and how that may impact upon the human existence is a much bigger philosophical issue that I’m sure we will examine in a lot more depth later on. Perhaps using an automated algorithm? Perhaps on a reasonably priced sofa? Perhaps not.