A Unicorn, Data Analytics Firm Mu Sigma, Gets A Woman CEO

But should this really be news? That a highly skilled individual becomes the head of billion dollar Analytics business? It should come as no surprise that a talented female professional can take the helm of a "unicorn" Indeed a report last year by First Round Capital, a venture capital firm that provides seed funding to start-ups found that Female founders are overshadowing their male peers.

After examing a decade's worth of data from 300 portfolio companies, First Round Capital learned that start up teams with at least one female founder performed 63 percent better than all male teams. The data also showed that women are present in the top ranks of their ten most valuable companies. 

"Women in Data" or "Women in Tech" meet up groups and thought leadership programmes are well meaning and do encourage the conversation around the parity of pay and diversity in the workplace. That being said many of the most impressive Female Tech professionals I’ve worked with would rather not be viewed from within that prism preferring to be viewed as a “person in tech”.

Women achieving in the world of Tech Start-ups will continue to be news as long as the “disruptive” start-up culture follows in the gender pay gap mould of those companies they are disrupting. A study conducted by Justworks, a HR platform for small businesses, found that from more than 2,300 start-ups and small businesses women who work full-time at these companies make an average of 77 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.Would a female in the White House help to change this at all?