Yesterday I looked at the Superbowl and the impact Data Analytics is having on the enhancement of team performance and audience engagement today it’s Rugby’s turn.

During the upcoming RBS 6 Six nations Accenture are looking to add an extra layer of insightful statistical information to the media, coaches and fans through the use of Big data technologies and Virtual Reality. 

The augmentation of the playing experience with detailed analysis takes me back to my brief flirtation with Rugby in my teens. Having been the only fly half in my school I was chosen to take part in an Analysis day with the England and Wales coaches sponsored by BMW. Our techniques were monitored by a range of cameras inside a virtual reality replica of Twickenham and then torn apart by seasoned coaches. This crippling analysis was sadly the nadir of my playing career but it did give me a unique insight into how analysis can make good players a lot better. And it was very fun.